A third of people with psoriasis haven't had their treatment reviewed by a GP in five years1.

Treating psoriasis doesn't need to mean a complicated mix of creams, emollients and ointments.


All too often the impact of skin disease can be underestimated. We understand that psoriasis can affect people's confidence, self-esteem and leave patients feeling anxious and frustrated when their condition is not effectively managed. Frequent treatment reviews with a clinician can help ensure guidance and access to the most appropriate treatments and the opportunity to explore alternative options if the current treatment is proving ineffective in managing psoriasis.

British Skin Foundation

Having access to information about your condition, and working with your health professional to make choices about your treatment, puts you in control and in the driving seat. Having the right information and support can prevent you from getting trapped in a cycle of repeat prescriptions, can help you to understand your options and can ensure that your psoriasis is well managed in the right way for you.

Patient Information Forum

Too many people in the world suffer needlessly from psoriasis due to incorrect or delayed diagnosis, inadequate treatment options and insufficient access to care.

World Health Organization Resolution on Psoriasis, May 2014

It’s essential that people with psoriasis know they don’t have to go through it alone. There is support out there – and as a patient you are entitled to take control of your condition and ask yourself, what can I ask, say or do that will improve the care I receive?

Jessica – person living with psoriasis

For me the key to successfully managing my psoriasis is the great relationship I have with my GP both when times are good and bad. With the help of my GP I’ve managed to keep my psoriasis under control. I do still have flare-ups but I can anticipate what will cause one and what will help to clear it up.

James – person living with psoriasis

My advice to all patients would be to ask as many questions as you need to during your GP appointment to ensure you fully understand everything about your condition. Always make sure you are completely comfortable with your treatment plan before you leave your GP surgery as queries can be dealt with much easier as part of the appointment.

James – person living with psoriasis