A third of people with psoriasis haven't had their treatment reviewed by a GP in five years1.

Treating psoriasis doesn't need to mean a complicated mix of creams, emollients and ointments.

Psoriasis: Think Twice has been developed by LEO Pharma in partnership with and supported by the Psoriasis: Think Twice Working Group, Dr Sarah Jarvis and psoriasis patient and blogger Jessica Gough.

The Psoriasis: Think Twice Working Group – Who we are:

Dr Anthony Bewley

Consultant Dermatologist, Whipps Cross University Hospital and Barts

Honorary Senior Lecturer at Queen Mary Medical School, University of London
Part of the psychodermatology clinic at the Royal London Hospital

Dr George Moncrieff

Chair of The Dermatology Council for England

GP with a Special Interest in Dermatology
Member of the Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS)
Former Dermatology Curriculum Guardian at the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)
Tutor at University of Oxford

Dr Rod Tucker

Pharmacist Dermatology Practitioner

Published several articles on his work with skincare patients in publications such as the International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, Pharmaceutical Journal and Chemist & Druggist
Involved in the development of training packages on dermatology for pharmacists and lectures on dermatological problems
Winner of the primary care Pharmaceutical Care Award for his development of a pharmacist-led dermatology clinic for prisoners

Dr Reena Shah

Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Works in the Department of Dermatology at the Royal London Hospital and Whipps Cross University Hospital
Part of the psychodermatology clinic at the Royal London Hospital
Registered with the British Psychological Society
Practitioner Psychologist with the Health and Care Professionals Council
Member of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin
Teaches MSc in Dermatology, Mind and Skin at the University of Hertfordshire

Karen Stephen

President Elect British Dermatology Nursing Group (BDNG) Committee

Lead Dermatology Nurse for NHS Tayside
Over 18 years experience working in dermatology delivering care and developing nurse-led services

Helen Liddell

Head of Medicines Management, Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG)

Over 20 years experience as a Head of Medicines Management/Chief Pharmacist/Prescribing Advisor
Currently working with a shadow CCG to help develop the Medicines Optimisation agenda and ensure that Medicines Management services are fit for future organisational purpose.